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Sea Kayaking

Enjoy our Sea Kayaking tour at Pegwell Bay. A wonderful 3 hour experience riding the waves, and seal spotting.

Sea Kayaking Seal Tours

Your sea kayaking tour will last 3 hours, with 2.5 hours of this being paddling time. This will include a half an hour break for seal spotting! As a company we are working toward being accredited under the Wise Scheme for wildlife preservation and protection, meaning that we follow all guidance and best practice to ensure our kayaking tours are run responsibly and have minimal impacts on the wildlife in the area.

Please ensure you have read the following statement of fitness:


This is a physically demanding activity and requires a certain level of fitness in order to take part and enjoy the experience. Although it is not mandatory to have previous sea kayaking experience, we do ask that all paddlers have the physical fitness and confidence necessary to participate on a 3hr paddle. This activity comes with assumed risks associated with sea kayaking so it is vital that all participants are fit and healthy on the day of the paddle to participate.


Please note: if on arrival your fitness level does not meet our required standards then we may have to offer an alternative experience for you that meets your physical abilities at a later date.


 If you have any questions on this or want to talk through the experience, then please feel free to call us on 07947835688 or email us at

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To view the times and dates please click through to the booking page.

£75 per person

18+ years

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