FAQ's & T&C's


If you arrive late for your booking, we are unable to proceed with the hire of your craft, move or refund. Canoe Wild uses a timed online booking system to allow a smooth flow of timed bookings which enables craft to be available for the next customer at their correct booking time. 

What personal information do you retain?

Canoe Wild Ltd are fully compliant with GDPR and the Data Protection Act. We operate a secure online booking system, card details remain within the secure booking system and card processing information details are kept for the purpose of refunds or as deposit security.


What are your Opening Times?

From March to October, we are open from 9:00am to 6:00pm, 7 days a week.  From October to March, we are open on selective days and times.  

What is the difference between a Canoe and a Kayak?

In a Kayak, the paddler is seated with their legs stretched out in front of them, either on top (Single Kayaks) of the craft or inside of it (Double Kayaks).  The paddler uses a double-bladed paddle pulling the blade through the water on alternate sides to move forward.  In a Canoe, the paddler sits normally on a seat and uses a single-bladed paddle to move the boat forward.

Is everything provided?

Yes, we provide all safety equipment ​for you which includes Buoyancy Aids, Paddles, Dry Bags and a Route Map.  Buoyancy Aids must be worn at all times during your paddle.  We stipulate that you must wear the Buoyancy Aids we provide and not your own - we will fit you with the correct Buoyancy Aid when you arrive.

Where are you based and where can I park?

We are based at two sites.  The first is The Grove Ferry Picnic Site, CT3 4BP.  Parking is available at the site, £1.30 weekdays, £2.00 weekends.  The second is Fordwich, CT2 OBW.  Free public parking is available on the main Fordwich Road or the side road Marlow Meadows.  Park on the opposite side of the bridge to The George & Dragon.  Walk down the track to your left before the bridge where you will see the Fordwich Town boundary sign and our sign too.  Please do not drive down the track.  Please do not park in The George & Dragon Car Park unless agreed in advance with them.  


How do I get back to my car? 

We offer a free lift back either at the beginning or at the end of your paddle.  The lift is only available to those paddling from Fordwich to Grove Ferry or Fordwich to Plucks Gutter.  On a busy day, our lifts will be organised on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We endeavour to return you to your cars as quickly as possible.

Can I get to you by bus or train?

Yes.  To reach our Fordwich Site, you can either take a 4 minute train from Canterbury West to Sturry Train Station or any 8 or 6 bus from Canterbury Bus Station to Sturry Train Station.  The train station is then a 10 minute walk to us in Fordwich. 

What should I wear?

This is weather dependent, but lightweight clothes and waterproofs are ideal.  Old trainers or clothes you wouldn't mind getting wet are also a good idea.  We recommend a change of clothes just in case. 

Do I need to book?

We prefer you to book so that we can ensure we have your preferred craft ready and available for you.  We do our best to accommodate walk-in bookings but we  cannot always assure that we will have availability.  Book through the buttons on the home page or call us on 07947 835688.  Payment is required on booking over the phone or via the website.

Do I have to be able to swim?

No, our insurers have not stipulated this and our craft are very stable.  We will provide you with a Buoyancy Aid in your correct size which must be worn at all times.

What is your cancellation policy?

  We have the right to cancel or re-schedule bookings at our discretion if adverse weather or water conditions are in force on the day of your booking. In these circumstances, deposits will be refunded in full. If you cancel your booking, we reserve the right to charge you according to the notice you have given us: a. more than seven days - your booking will be refunded b. within seven (7) days but more than 24 hours - up to 50% of basic hire cost. c. less than 24 hours notice - 100% of basic hire cost.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, all ages are welcome including toddlers and babies.  Children have to be 12 years old to paddle in/on a single craft (Single Kayaks, Paddleboards) with an adult on the water in a separate craft. 

Are there any places to eat/drink near you?

Yes, both our Fordwich and Grove Ferry sites are a short walk from local pubs.  Fordwich: The George & Dragon, CT2 0DB is located on the opposite side of the bridge to Canoe Wild.  The Fordwich Arms, CT2 0DB is a short walk around the corner from The George & Dragon.  Grove Ferry: The Grove Ferry Inn, CT3 4BP is a short walk through both car parks from Canoe Wild.  Plucks Gutter: For the longer trips, the Dog & Duck, CT3 1JB is a short walk over the bridge.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we are super dog friendly!  We recommend your dog will be best suited in a Canoe with you , we ask that you do not tie your dog to yourself or the Canoe  

Can we drink alcohol?

No. Alcohol and drug consumption are not permitted.

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