We are open for hires and very much looking forward to seeing you all!

Please read the following 


With support and guidance from British Canoeing and Visit Kent and following the Government return to work for outdoor business guidance, we can carefully and responsibly begin our hires for you to enjoy from 29th March 2021 we must maintain social distancing and the the Rule of Six for us to operate safely for customers and team members

  • During your visit, please follow the social distancing practices that we have put in place. 

  • Customers should not visit Canoe Wild if showing symptoms of Covid-19. This also included: any person who has (within the last 10 days) received a positive COVID-19 test result (regardless of whether or not they have symptoms), anyone living in the same household as someone with COVID-19 symptoms or with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, anyone who should be quarantining after a period of travel andnyone who is a asymptomatic carrier.        

  • We may have to rearrange your booking time on the day if we feel that too many people will be arriving to paddle at once.

  • You will be required to maintain social distancing rules when on the water and at both of our sites. 

  • As always, we will endeavor to make your time with us a great and unforgettable experience, but we really need your co-operation to achieve this.Please follow our staff's advice and instructions, allow us flexibility and remember we are working differntly than what we are used to  - this will keep you and us safe!

  • We will not tolerate abuse of any kind.  We need everybody to remain calm and understanding during the managing of a world wide pandemic which requires rules to be followed until we are free from social and business restrictions.

  • Please use the hand sanitizers frequently.  Please bring with you items to keep you safe and comfortable on the water.  We advise that you bring a small first aid kit to self administer first aid should the necessity arise. Additionally, you should bring a mask for further safety measures.  A mask becomes particularly vital in an emergency - the only time where our staff and yourselves cannot remain more than 2 metres away from each other. You will need to wear your mask in our vehicles should if your booking requires you to travel in them.

  • We will not be accepting cash. Payments are to be made only via the booking system - either on our website pages or by calling the number above. 

  • The Grove Ferry Picnic site is open as are the public toilets.  Please note there are no toilet facilities at Fordwich currently.

  • On booking/arrival, you will be required to read and agree to the terms and conditions of hire.