At Canoe Wild, we deliver The British Canoeing Paddle Awards throughout the Summer at our Grove Ferry Site, near Canterbury. These are run by our highly experienced team of instructors will who teach you the skills needed to be safe on the water. 

Paddle Discover

The Paddle Discover award is the equivalent of a day’s tuition, taking you on the next steps up from the Paddle Start award, to become an independent paddler. You develop an understanding of the factors which affect your paddling; developing your decision making and practical skills, giving you confidence on the water and what to do in the event of capsize.

Who can do it?

This award can be done in a kayak or canoe, by those attending a full day course (ages 14+ and adults, price £75 per person), several taster sessions, or our junior club sessions (ages 8yrs+). Alternatively Paddle Discover is ideal delivered as a number of sessions for school groups, scouting and guiding, and other youth groups looking to enhance their learning outdoors and sports programme.

When can I book? Book Now

We provide Paddle Discover award sessions from 10am to 4pm on various dates throughout the year. To view availability, click the book button, select the number of tickets needed, and allocate your chosen date on the calendar. If you’re booking for 4 or more, and the date you want isn’t available, please contact us to arrange a bespoke session.

We offer this day course for £75 and the current dates available are as follows:


13th, 27th April, 18th May, 01st, 22nd June, 13th July,

10th, 20th August, 7th, 28th September & 12th October



British Canoeing have introduced some fantastic new awards to replace the Star Awards and Paddlepower Passports. Their aim is to help you get out onto the water and to have a go! They support you to develop your skills and safely enjoy the UK’s wonderful rivers, coastline, lakes and estuaries in the craft of your choice.

The Paddle Awards

These are the first steps to take for those new to paddlesport, enabling you to develop the skills to feel confident and safe on sheltered water in your chosen paddle craft. Whether you’re getting into a kayak for the first time or looking to develop your skills on a SUP, there’s something for everyone!

Paddle Start Taster Sessions

Your first time on the water ‘having a go’! A fun and enjoyable 1-hour practical session, with our instructors, introducing you to paddlesport and not travelling too far away from base. Learning useful skills for an enjoyable first-time paddling experience, providing you with some knowledge to enable you to get safely in and out of your boat, developing your posture and making the kayak or SUP move forward and turn, ensuring you feel confident to want to learn more.


Who can do it?

The Paddle Start is ideal for anyone from the age of 8 and upwards, great for a family activity or a group of friends wanting to try something a bit different!

Price is £23 per person.

Paddle Start taster sessions take place every weekend, with additional sessions during the week over the summer holidays. Click the book button, select the number of tickets, and choose your date on the availability calendar. If there are more than 3 of you and the dates don’t fit, please contact us for a bespoke session. 
Sessions run all year round indoors in Canterbury between November and the beginning of March, and outdoors at Grove Ferry and Fordwich between March and October. 


Paddle Explore

Paddle Explore allows you to work with our coach to develop your skills to suits what you need in your preferred craft. The individualised approach gives you the confidence to independently paddle in your chosen craft in a sheltered water environment.

Who can do it?

This award can be achieved if you already have the old 1-star Award or have passed the Discover Award. It’s aimed at those aged 14+ and adults, paddling in a kayak or canoe and costs £35 per 1 1/2 hour session.

When can I book? 

We run Paddle Explore sessions  throughout the year individually arranged privately or in small groups so you can develop at a pace on a date that suits you. To book please contact us to arrange a session.

What Can I achieve?

There’s a strong emphasis on independence with this award, and the Explore award will fill in the gaps of knowledge you might have so you can get out paddling safely on an adventure! The award covers areas like:

  1. On the water etiquette and how to share the space with other water users

  2. Confidence to identify different environments and paddle trails you can paddle within your ability

  3. Controlling your kayak, canoe or SUP for safe exploration

  4. Developing more technical paddling and rescue skills

  5. Clothing and equipment needs for different environments and weather

  6. Plan a multi-day adventure and create your own adventure

  7. Become an instructor, coach or leader – find that path that suits you and develop your skills further!

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via the button on this page or simply give us a call at 07947 835688

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